Live Japan Sea Grapes (Umi-bodo) (100g)

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Country of Origin: Japan
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GREEN CAVIAR is actually a type of seaweed that happens to have many beads growing on its stem. It looks exactly like salted fish eggs, hence the name green caviar. True to its origin, green caviar is salty and slightly fishy. Dip it into something savory, like Thai chili sauce or miso sauce for a more palatable snack. It can also be a topping for soup, salad or rice. The benefits of GREEN CAVIAR. 1. Strengthens bones and joints 2. Protects eyes and heart 3. Lowers risk of hypertension and diabetes 4. Helps prevent thyroid goiters 5. Promotes radiant skin and silky hair 6. Fights cancerous cells 7. Keeps your weight in check