Fresh AUS 450D Grain Fed Wagyu Denver Steak MS4/5 (250g)



Country of Origin: Australia

Remain fresh 2 Days in Chiller Otherwise Freeze It
Thickness: 3cm
450 Days Grain Finished
Well Marbled
Always Tender
Feeds 1 person
Raised without the use of Anti-biotics
Vacuum packed for easy storage

Wagyu Denver Steak is derived from the shoulder primal, a cut prized by Yakiniku Chefs around the world for its marbling and intense flavour. More often now, this cut is finding its way into steak houses and becoming increasingly sought after.

Doneness guide:
Rare 50 celsius, Medium rare 56 celsius, Medium 60 celsius , Medium Well 64 celsius, Well done 68 celsius
Recommended cooking method: Quick Pan Sear, barbecue; for whole slabs: oast, sous vide.